Bird seed mixtures – There are different mixes for feeders and for bird tables and ground feeding. The better mixtures contain plenty of flaked maize, sunflower seeds, and peanut granules.

Black sunflower seeds – These are an excellent year-round food, and in many areas are even more popular than peanuts. The oil content is higher in black than striped ones, and so they are much better. Sunflower hearts (the husked kernels) are a popular no-mess food.

Nyjer seeds – These are small and black with a high oil content. They need a special type of seed feeder, and are particular favorites with goldfinches and siskins.

Peanuts – These are rich in fat and are popular with tits, greenfinches, house sparrows, nuthatches, Salted or dry roasted peanuts should not be used.

Bird cake and food bars – Fat balls and other fat-based food bars are excellent winter food. If they are sold in nylon mesh bags

Live foods and other insect foods – Mealworms are relished by robins and blue tits, and may attract other insect-eating birds such as pied wagtails.

Rice and cereals – Cooked rice, brown or white (without salt added) is beneficial and readily accepted by all species during severe winter weather.